I want to deliver the ideal massage chair worldwide
We'll continue to focus on our core values, be flexible to respond to change, take calculated risks and take on new challenges.
CEO, Inada Soshu


Why there is no change

With nearly 20 years experience working in the massage chair industry, I never felt any progress or evolution of the massage chair. It may be due to financial and cost issues but I felt the massage chair can do more than it should. I think many massage chair companies have lost interest or their passion to make a great massage chair.
However, I had never lost that passion. As companies and people around the massage chair industry have lost their passion to make great massage chairs, I decided to partner with people who continued to have the burning desire to make great massage chairs.

Management philosophy: spread the excitement to the world

・core values
・take on new challenges without fear
Two most important management values
Every employee has over 10 years of experience in the massage chair industry which speaks for their passion towards massage chairs so that we are never short of new ideas.
Instead of socializing with others, I talk about massage chairs. I value originality and uniqueness as it motivates me to produce what I love to pursue. I don't follow fads or trends to imitate others, because there is no emotion in that. I want to create something that moves me, that I love and that I can pass on to customers who have the same passion.

Core Shiatu is a proprietary technology that can not be matched by a traditional massage chair

I wondered, in what way I could relax my deep muscle layers. I've always wondered for a long time what the difference is between a person and a massage chair. What I noticed while receiving a massage was that massage chairs do not have shiatsu. This is the conclusion I came up with as the Core Shiatsu.


However, trying to reproduce the acupressure technique required a high level of technical skill. There were three main problems: the power to stimulate, the smoothness of the movement, and the vibration noise. D-CORE was developed to address these difficulties. The effects of D-CORE can be felt immediately when you experience it. Unlike the conventional products of other companies, which relax the surface of the muscles, D-CORE relaxes the deep muscle layers at the right place and with the right pressure. Not only the back but also the arms and calves for deep relaxation.

Continue to pursue the ideal

It is our goal to help heal people all over the world through our massage chairs. To achieve this goal, we pursue our development head-on with pure focus. Since D-CORE is the closest to the ideal massage chair in the industry, we want as many people to experience it as possible. If we can help just one person to relieve their pain and to decrease any daily physical discomfort, we take great pride and happiness towards our goal.