Research & development team Introduction


Yuichi Okamoto

NIN Vice President and responsible for development

He joined the massage chair industry in 2000 and has developed various new products for a well-known Japanese massage chair manufacturer. Many of the technologies developed by Mr. Okamoto have been patented and are being used in D-CORE massage chair.

"I want to make the ideal of the massage chair"

Until the creation of D-CORE, the technological progress of conventional massage chairs was stalled. Much of the technology in massage chairs has not evolved from technology that was 10 years ago. We believe this is not a matter of corporate funding but rather a lack of passion and motivation to improve the massage chair experience.

It was 19 years ago that I entered the massage chair industry, and since that time, my desire to create the ideal massage chair has never weakened even though it has evolved. With the burning passion inside, we have been able to overcome difficulties and continue to develop new products.


It can be said that D-CORE is a massage chair that has achieved as the most ideal massage of this era. However, the development was not a straightforward process. There were times when we almost compromised, thinking that we didn't have to stretch that far and that we could just settle for conventional technology. New technologies are always risky and evaluation tests are indispensable. During repeated evaluation and tests, we often found that the movement was good but the durability was not, so we had to start over from scratch with a different approach.


With repeated trial and error, we can now present D-CORE with pride and confidence.

With D-CORE, our goal is to provide a more healthy lifestyle that you'll enjoy using for a long time.


Takehiro Isawa


Celebrities & many professional athletes as clients
Highly sought after with great reputation, reservation of up to three to four months in advance.

10 years in training as a chiropractor.
Founded an independent Chiropractic clinic 8 years ago.

Mr. Isawa Chiropractic Clinic

It's been over 8 years since I opened my own Chiropractic clinic. We've been recognized and beloved by many clients and take great pride in our outstanding reputation. We run our business with no advertising as our business is mostly from reputation and by word of mouth clients. In addition to serving our local Japanese clients, we have clients from all over the world. Including CEO of a large fast-food restaurant from Korea, Canada, Austria, and Germany.

Our clinic implemented a reservation system and we had clients who made reservations in October but was not able to come until the following year in February. However, depending on the situation, we give priority to urgent clients.


Secret to its popularity

I have a unique diagnostic procedure. Through muscle movement, muscle reflexes and tension evaluation, I identify the cause of your pain.
We provide comprehensive treatment based on physiology and along with the customer's lifestyle. We accept about 10 clients per day and carefully examine, diagnose, and treat them individually for new and current clients.

What do you think about a massage chair?

A massage chair is something that provide a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You don't need to communicate with other people and you can use it while sitting down. It's suitable for people who don't like to lie face down. The only weak point is that it cannot massage the front part of the body.

D-CORE's review

We developed the product together and can proudly say that it'll meet or exceed many demanding customers. Current massage chair with rubbing and tapping methods is good at what it does, however, Core Shiatsu method will have the same effect as actual human shiatsu. By reaching deep into the muscle and applying pressure of the human body, it can successfully relieve stiffness and soreness. The elimination of muscle stiffness and pain is consistent with the preventive medicine we have been advocating. The look and feel of the design is modern and sleek as well.