Once you try it, you'll want to sit on it again.

Fusion of nature and science

D-CORE is a culmination of cutting-edge technology wrapped in a warm wooden design. The D-CORE is not only practical for relieving stiffness and bringing health to the body, but is also designed to match any room. D-CORE is a massage chair that combines practicality, beauty, and warmth.

What is D-CORE's technology?


Core Shiatsu (patent pending)

We continued our research to relax deep muscles and improve stiffness from the core. After repeated technical tests of strength, durability, speed, and pressure, we were able to reproduce the results to a level close to the effect of treatment by Mr. Isawa, a professional Chiropractor. This is the unique technology of D-CORE, an innovative way to stimulate and to relax the deep muscle layers.

The part of a massage chair that resembles a person's finger is the rotor ball. Core Shiatsu pursues the optimal firmness and surface pressure to relax the deep layers of muscles. After much research, we have created an exquisite shape to reproduce the manual techniques of the rubbing and tapping methods of human touch.

Reproducing the most optimal speed, strength and pressure

One very important aspect of massage is the movements of the speed and strength of the rotors. The speed of the finger pressure or firm movement should not be too fast or too slow. Also, if the finger pressure is not strong enough, it will not be able to relax the deeper muscle layers. If it's too strong, it can cause damage to the muscle fibers and cause pain. Through trial and error, we developed the most optimal speed, strength and pressure. D-Core has the ability to adjust to replicate the most delicate movements.


Arm and calf massage

Arm muscles are connected to the shoulder muscles. By relaxing the deep muscles of the arms, it's easier to relax the shoulder muscles as well. Conventional massage chairs use the compression method to massage the arms and legs, which cannot relax the deep muscles, while D-CORE uses the fusion of the compression method and core shiatsu to relax the arms and shoulders to the core of their muscles.

Pressure method and the core acupressure

Conventional massage chairs massage the arms and calves by inflating an airbag to apply pressure. D-CORE applies shiatsu while pressing down with the airbag, allowing the stimulation of shiatsu to reach the deeper layers of the muscles. The D-CORE also relaxes the deep layer of muscles in the arms and calf muscles.


Core scan

Core scan is analogous to the eyes of the human being. It detects the position of the shoulder with the load current value and measures the shape of the body. It detects and massages the areas that will relieve stiffness, avoiding the areas where bones protrude when massaged is painful. If you do not massage the appropriate area, it will not reach the deep muscles layers.

Waist heater

It's known that warming up muscles helps to relax by raises body temperature and improving the blood flow. Warming large muscles of the lower back provides a more relaxing massage effect.



D-CORE is a culmination of technology that is wrapped in the warmth of nature's gentle wood. The design matches any room and heals both the body and mind.