Our goal is to "Develop the most ideal massage chair".
Our experienced Engineers and staff have gathered to pursue the dream of making the most ideal massage chair.


D-Core's innovative technology uses the D-CORE STRUCTURE to provide deep muscle relaxation.

Core Shiatsu reproduces the movement of a professional masseuse. The angle and strength mimics the human touch to relax the muscles. No other massage chair can replicate the experience of D-CORE.

Technology Development Story

Technology behind D-CORE's concept of the Core Shiatsu was designed and develop in Japan.
Shiatsu has been recognized as one of the most therapeutic effect in the human body. Our D-CORE technology was designed to replicate this effect in the massage chair.

D-CORE research and development team

Toward the dream of "making the ideal of the massage chair", we are committed to research and development of massage chairs in Japan.