Eliminate the cause of the stiffness.
Next-generation massage chair to pursue optimal health

In pursuing the concept of "making the ideal massage chair", we analyzed and researched the human body muscle structure to develop the state-of-the-art massage chair technology.
In pursuit of a healthy life, the "D-CORE" massage chair was born.

Massage Chair User Comments:

After purchasing a massage chair, I use it less and less every day.

Even with a massage chair, I cannot completely relieve my stiffness.

A human massage is more pleasant and comfortable.

Massage chairs can be painful at times.

A massage chair cannot relieve muscle stiffness.

I have tried many different massage chairs, but they all feel the same.


After repeated trial and error to develop a product that can truly create a healthy body, we developed D-CORE by combining the latest technology with the skills of Mr. Isawa, a professional chiropractor.
It features the design with warmth.
Enjoy the best massage chair ever developed, the D-CORE, which relieves muscle stiffness and tension, thus creating a more healthy body.